Montanarae Interiors



Coffee at the Point rests centrally on the historic five-way intersection of Washington Street, 27th Street, 26th Avenue and Welton where the right-angled grid of downtown Denver meets the diagonal grid of uptown. The “point” gives the neighborhood its name and provides local residents a new place to enjoy their morning coffee, meet a friend for the game or check out a live performance by a local musician.

qi Athletic Club & Yoga Studio

Our second design for Qi Athletic Clubs and Spin-Yoga Studios is Qi Lowry. Located in the newly developed dining district of Lowry, the space is coming to life through a joint effort by Montana Rae Interiors, Larimer Associates and Axia Construction. The space features a reception area, new bathrooms, a Qi Yoga and Barre studio and a state of the art Ryder Spin studio.

Jones family residence

the jones family residence in buffalo, Wyoming is nesteled in betweeen moutains and streams. The beauty of the local scenery brings inspiration to the development of this design.

piece, love and chocolate

Piece, Love and Chocolate is Boulder, Colorado’s newest and sweetest spot to find handmade confections from the shop’s kitchen and around the world. Check back soon to see photographs of our design solutions for this project

Qi yoga at edgewater

Soft yet Edgy, Qi Yoga’s edgewater studio is a balance of serene zen and urban Denver. Located just a few blocks from Sloan’s Lake on 25th Avenue, the studio space is open and bright with natural lighting from a full wall of windows. The sunlight, wood floors and wall-height mirrors laid the foundation for the studio’s development. A wash of cool color throughout, organic art work, window coverings and rugs are the components that transformed this blank canvas into an urban oasis.

dela restaurant

dela restaurant is an authentic brazilian barbeque, lounge and venue.this design is inspired by the colorful nation and the beat of the samba drum. nature becomes the decor with vibrant aquariums, moss walls and rugged stone.

Snowmass Road Outdoor Kitchen

The Sloan Family residence overlooks the peaks and rivers of the Roaring Fork Valley near Snowmass, Colorado. The family spends as much time as possible outdoors enjoying the mountain setting, so to maximize their living space they asked our team to design the outdoor kitchen of their dreams.
Aspen Kitchen

This home in Aspen, Colorado is a cozy retreat for the homeowners and their two children. The kitchen is truly the heart of the home for this family.

We accentuated the mountain views with organic finishes and a palate of green and gold. New windows flanking the range allow natural light to flood the once dark space.
Aspen Bedroom

This guest room is a special get away for family and friends visiting this Aspen residence. Custom wall finishes and handmade draperies set the backdrop for lush linens and mixed media artwork. Pops of red, green and gold are soothing and warm on cold winter nights.
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